Data protection policy


The Company's website uses cookie technology to improve the user and browsing experience on the site. When viewing the site, these cookies may be saved on the browsers of the medium used, regardless of the device (computer, tablet, smartphone).
They are used for identification purposes to analyse the number of visitors and use of the site's features.

The cookie’s validity varies depending on the type of cookie and enables recognition of the visitor when they next use the website. In all cases, this validity does not exceed 13 months.

At any time, visitors can decide whether to accept or reject the cookies when browsing the site. For this reason, the Company will display on its site an advance information banner inviting the visitor to accept or reject the cookies. If the visitor has not given their consent to collection of cookies, no cookies may be stored on their device, apart from cookies exempt from requiring consent, provided that they are strictly necessary for providing a service expressly requested by the user.

1. Cookie settings:

• Strictly necessary cookies:
These cookies allow us to implement functions that are necessary for you to use our web pages. These cookies are solely used by us and are therefore internal cookies.
For example, the strictly necessary cookies are used to assure you, as a registered user, that you are still connected when you access the sub-pages of our website, and therefore prevent you from having to re-enter your login details every time you access a new page.
Use of the cookies that are strictly necessary for our website do not require your consent. For this reason, the strictly necessary cookies cannot be individually deactivated. You can however deactivate the cookies using your search engine at any time (see paragraph “managing and removing cookies”).

• Functional and performance cookies:
Performance cookies collect information on how our website is used. We use them to gain a better understanding of how our web pages are used to improve their appeal, content and functionalities.

You are not required to consent to use of these cookies. You can however deactivate them at any time by clicking here.

Functional cookies enable our website to save the information already sent and therefore to offer you improved, personalised functions. They also enable the use of other site options that we might want to offer you.
You are not required to consent to use of these cookies. You can deactivate them at any time by clicking here.

Please note that deactivating functional cookies might restrict some of the functions on our website.

• Cookies based on consent:
Cookies that are not absolutely necessary and are not functional or performance cookies will only be used if you expressly consent - Example: marketing cookies.
We also reserve the right to use the information obtained from cookies, following anonymous behaviour analyses, to display specific advertising for certain products on our website. The marketing cookies come from third party advertising agencies and are used to collect information on the websites visited by the user to create targeted advertising groups.

These cookies are of several types:
- Personalised advertising: Our site and its partners use trackers to display personalised advertising according to your browsing experience and profile.
- Geo-located advertising: Our site and its partners use trackers to send you advertising according to your location.
- Social media sharing: Our site and its partners use trackers to enable you to share content on social media or tell other people that you have viewed the site and what you thought of it (“Like” icons on Facebook for example).

You can configure these cookies at any time by clicking here.

2. Managing and removing cookies

You can configure your search engine so that cookies are, in general, rejected on your device or in such a way that your consent is requested each time. You can also, at any time, remove cookies that have been activated. The detailed user guide for these functions can be found on your search engine’s “Help” page.
Please note that general deactivation of cookies may restrict certain functions of our website.